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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. major plea in san jose for the public's help. >> good morning i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze san jose's mayor delivered a personal message this morning to catch a suspect. resulted in the death of an innocent man and injury of a police officer. -- >> reporter: about an hour ago mayor announced offering $10,000 that leads to the capture of this second gunman. in addition to $10,000 that was already offered by the san jose police officers association. also in the press conference they released a description of the man, hispanic or african-american, 20 to 25-years-old, 5'10 to 6 feet
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tall, 180 to 200 pounds. >> we are very concerned which is why we are enlisting the public's help. >> reporter: with that a plea the public at a press conference today after a violent 90 minute crime spree friday night two armed men robbed four san jose businesses. minutes later the spree turned fatal during a botched carjacking at a 7-eleven. jonathan wilbanks and his unknown accomplice shot and killed 22 innocent bystander rory parkpettiford of campbell. when the police caught up with the pair they got out of their car and starting shooting at officers. one officer is being praised for continuing to pursue. >> from the officer shot at you can see his car, he stayed in the fight and continued to chase these suspects and was there when the one was taken
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into custody. >> reporter: jonathan wilbanks of san jose was arrested=iehç, e is being somewhat cooperative. with officers working around the clock since friday wilbanks' partner remains at large. the san jose police officers association is offering $10,000 for his capture. the with the city council today announced they too are offering an additional $10,000 out of the mayor's office budget. >> even though we get a lot of cooperation from our community, we are talking about people that might not be willing to help, $20,000 will get their thanksgiving and maybe encourage -- their attention and maybe encourage them to help us. >> reporter: $20,000 is now on the line. people can call crimestoppers or san jose police directly. kira klapper, abc7 news. departing flights at
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san francisco international were delayed for about 20 minutes this morning, suspicious checked bag triggered an inspection by officers and airline staff 8:30 this morning. authorities are not saying what was in the bag. the incident remains under investigation. fire sent six to the hospital and knocked down power lines. sonoma fire officials say when m was hanging from the deck of one of the rooms at the lodge. five were taken to the hospital. investigators think the fire started in one of the rooms. to the violence in the middle east. israel and hamas both say they are open to a diplomatic solution. airstrikes continue for a sixth day with deadly results, with the elections in israel coming up in january. katie marzullo is here with the latest.
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>> reporter: we have new video, from this morning, you can see israeli missile hit a highrise in gaza city. the building houses foreign and domestic media offices. islamic jihad said the strike killed one of its top leaders. day six, israeli aircraft has not let up, one strike was captured on video behind cnn's anderson cooper. it was deja vu for cooper who experienced the same thing yesterday, live on the air. >> whoa! >> reporter: over the weekend israel was targeting hopes of hamas activists one strike took out 10 members of one family, four were children thousands attended their funeral today. at the same time dozens of hamas rockets fired into israel, one hit an empty school. >> i very much hope over the
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coming days we can achieve cessation on a basis that is sustainable. >> reporter: an israeli official says his country wants a diplomatic solution. prime minister netanyahu is stockpiling tanks and troops along the border the leader of hamas does not sound ready to compromise. >> we will not accept any israeli -- they committed, second cease-fire should be with accepting our demands. >> reporter: the death toll so far palestinian officials say 97 people have died, another 750 wounded in gaza. israeli officials say three people are dead and 68 are wounded. >> if you are flying out of oakland international airport tonight or tomorrow, a port worker strike could affect you. workers are ready for a 24
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hour strike beginning 9 p.m. tonight they work at the airport and the port and say they've been without a new contract for 16 months. the strike set to kickoff at the airport terminal. happening now, chevron meeting with bay area air quality officials this morning to discuss repairs to its richmond facility. in august explosion sent huge plume of smoke into the sky and spread for miles, 15,000 people went to local hospitals with breathing problems. representatives are giving a progress report discussing reconstruct plans for the unit damaged. hostess is selling off the company in bankruptcy court. that move three days after hostess announced it was shutting down and that sent fans into a twinkie tailspin emptying store shelves, in one instance four boxes were listed for three million
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dollars on ebay. really? a few buyers have surfaced one research group, a mexican company that owns sara lee as a potential suitor. leaders of san francisco's municipal rail are facing tough questions. supervisor weiner is leading that hearing focusing on performance and maintenance. critics say buses, trains and light rail have had problems. in august muni was only on time 57% of the time. muni is considering spending 6 1/2 million dollars to give students free rides. weiner says that should be used to improve reliability. it is official 49ers' quarterback smith out for tonight's game. a few minutes ago team medical director evaluated smith and declared him out with a concussion.
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the back-up will start. you can catch that game on espn at 5:30. historic first for president obama. latest on the president's strip to southeast asia. >> long lines for holiday help in the south bay. why there may not
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the white house says president obama had a tense meeting with cambodia's prime minister this morning over human rights. the stop after emotional landmark visit to myanmar, now marching towards democracy. lisa stark reports. >> reporter: president obama became the first u.s. president to visit the country of myanmar in a quick stop over that included meetings with the president and a nobel peace prize winner who spent years under house arrest. thousands of burmese filled the streets as president obama joined by hillary clinton paid a personal call on suu kyi. -- at the university the president addressed critics who complained the u.s. has rushed too soon to avoid leaders here.
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the white house says the trip should not be viewed as a victory celebration but as an opportunity to press for urgent actions still needed there, especially freeing political prisoners and ending ethic tension. >> the president: you need to reach for a future where national security is strengthed by a military that serves uncivilians. >> reporter: it wasn't all diplomacy. he made a tourist stop at one of the oldest most revered sites in buddhism. president obama barefoot, as is required, poured cups of water over the showed -- over the shoulder of a by due. president obama has now arrived at his third and final stop in asia, cambodia for the economic summit this region of the world is becoming more important to the u.s. as it hopes to prevent china from dominating the pacific rim. lisa stark, abc news,
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washington. tonight at 11, i-team investigation into adoption a family desperate for children trusted a local man. they say they were deceived. dan noyes tracked down the man. >> are you being straight with families about the kids they are adopting? >> what he says about the children who needed more than a good home. what the i-team has uncovered about his adoption business. tonight on abc7 news at 11, right after castle. how can i look like that and you are telling me rain is not too far behind. >> tomorrow best chance across the north bay better part of today and tonight. the storm track has moved north, we'll talk about rain and when it comes back to our neighborhoods. and an update, monday night football is in town. just ahead, south bay families line-up to get
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holiday meals, why organizers are worried not everybody will be able to get the help they need. beating the odds, a dog expected never to walk again is proving everyone wrong. [ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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new study shows more teenagers are using muscle enhancing products, one -- use protein powder 6% admit to using steroids among girls 21% use powders and shakes. a partially paralyzed dog is able to walk again thanks to a unique treatment that may one day help humans. this is jasper. six months later signses injected him with cells taken from his own nose. researchers say the cells helped regenerate the damage done to his spine. this is jasper now showing off
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his working skills. researchers hope it will help people in the future. >> that is unbelievable. medical miracle. >> great. mike was talking about the weather around game time 5:30. >> i think it is going to be nice, not too cold, not too hot, no rain on the way. high clouds are going to make today mostly cloudy, we look from mount sutro towards diablo. as we look from mount tamalpais a little breezy, mild winds making it feel warm, kicking up a few clouds, especially across the north bay the best area where we may have a stray shower. as we look at doppler, you can see we are getting the best returns to our north where they are going to stay. hardly any snow, very high elevation snow with this warm core system.
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different perspective you can see some of the low clouds along the coast mainly the rest of the clouds up to the north where the rain is going to fall even in the sierra, snow levels with in next system that could be around 7,000 feet, monterey bay 55 santa cruz inland 58 gilroy everybody else low 60s. going to be partly cloudy today with a stray shower to the north as storm track moves that way going to be wet for all of us tuesday into wednesday, dry and warmer remainder of the forecast. i think we'll hang out in the low to mid 60s for the most part upper 60 here and there near 60 along the coast monterey bay low to mid 60s, mid to upper 60s warmer inland 5:30 kickoff at the stick bears taking on 49ers, 60° increasing clouds, at, mild,
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jacket weather it could be worse, it is not going to be. tonight sprinkles north bay drizzle coast upper 40s possibly mid 50s san mateo and san francisco. two areas of high pressure blocking cold front from making its way farther south today strong enough and enough cold air behind it, going to make a move on us tomorrow. today, holes in the cloud cover, chance of a stray shower along the northern sonoma county border. as we head towards overnight that's where it stays other than drizzle higher elevations near the coast tomorrow afternoon cold front moves north bay organized weather will be with the steadier rain at 5:00 if in the north bay moving through the heart of it during the evening, overnight most of it is going to leave the south bay by 7:00, lingering showers behind it for mid-morning. as we head into wednesday
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afternoon in the evening, drier pattern stars to develop. rainfall amounts impressive up north, system coming from there up to an inch in the north bay mountains, half inch to inch north bay, 15 -- south bay around a 10th. a few degrees cooler than today, same wednesday, thursday sun comes out, temperatures start to warm, 70 in a few areas for friday and saturday, more clouds make it slightly cooler for sunday, only a couple of degrees. big weather story is the rain tomorrow and wednesday. a community organization in san jose knees your help. it is trying to provide thousand -- needs your help. it is trying to provide thousands of dinners. some lined up overnight just for a chance to sign up.
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>> reporter: good morning. the good news is dough' -- is donations are coming in at a steady pace. but look behind me, people are also continuing to come who need help. the message here is, we need donations, we need 'em fast day is almost here. one of the first in the door this morning at sacred heart community center for the non-profit's annual turkey giveaway. >> i'm a single mom on a fixed income. i don't work right now. >> reporter: what concerns employees how many people need help, last year they served a record high of 4,000 families. >> we are trying to serve as many as we did last year, maybe more, we'll see. certainly in a far shorter time, almost a week, week and a half shorter. >> reporter: employees think early thanksgiving date has hurt donations.
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this morning, the line of donors in the parking lot indicated that people are ready to start thinking about thanksgiving. >> i thought i better get moving. very quick after halloween. feels good. >> reporter: susan brings donated food from her local safeway morning her suv was full. >> i can't believe how much i have in the back of my car. there's two of us who are bringing it back and forth and we can't keep up with the demand for moving it out of the store. >> reporter: one change, the contents and the overflowing book. there's been a push to give people fresh produce instead of canned vegetables. it is a bit awkward to deal with, but people like sonia don't mind. >> very helpful and i really grateful, i want to cry if it is not for them where are we going to be? >> reporter: when we started here this morning they thought they were going to need another 1,000 turkeys.
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now they think they need 600 more. good news/bad news. they want people to keep bringing donations they feel like at this point they are going to make it. right now they've been helping people at a pace of about 1200 a day and they will be here through wednesday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. great news, thank you. we invite you to be part of the abc 7 share your holiday food drive december 12th. meet the abc7 news team as we broadcast live around the bay area taking your donations for more information go to >> a lot of progress for one morning. >> are going to love this. bay area surprise at the american music awards. >> the star who stepped in gangnam style.
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an iconic bay area performer was a show stopper at the american music awards. >> football players were not part of that. it was mc hammer from oakland
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire.

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